Prosecution Seeking New Execution Date For Convicted Murderer

Prosecution Seeking New Execution Date For Convicted Murderer

20 years after the crime that ended a woman’s life in Brownsville, the prosecution is now aiming at getting a new execution date for the man convicted of this crime.  

When is he going to be executed let’s get it over with I don’t see any reason for.. I mean if there is no remorse, why is he still here.

Alex Hernandez

These are the words of Alex Hernandez, nephew of Escolastica Harrison, an 87-year-old woman that was stabbed by a screwdriver and beaten to death in September 1998, this Thursday the Cameron county district attorney filed a motion requesting a new execution date for the man found guilty of this crime, Ruben Gutierrez…A court of appeals had denied Gutierrez’s request for a DNA test to corroborate the acts he is accused of

Upon signing the death warrant that we are requesting from the court we hope that the execution date will be June 16 of 2020, we anticipate that the defense will probably file other appeals but we hope that working with the attorney general’s office we will get that deposed of.

For Hernandez, 22 years is more than enough time, and adds that the convicted murderer is appealing in an effort to be spared from the death penalty,

He is still fighting and crawling for something that is inevitable, all that tells me is that he is afraid he’s got fear in him but he didn’t have that fear when he murdered my aunt.

The execution date was set for October 30th of 2019, but it was postponed by the defense’s petition that was recently denied.

The prosecution is hoping that the judge signs the order in the next few days to proceed with the execution.

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