8 Arrested in Citywide Drug-Bust Operation

8 Arrested in Citywide Drug-Bust Operation

Edinburg, Texas– Officials have arrested 8 individuals in four separate incidents as part of city-wide drug bust operations.

Oscar Cantu, Isaiah Cantu, and Juan Alberto were arrested at a home located in east Sprague street… Elias Rodriguez the third, David Matthew Russow, and Urbano Ocanas jr were arrested at an apartment complex on whitewing avenue… José de la Paz was arrested at his apartment located on Stonehaven. Adrian Eli Reyes was arrested on agua fina. The Edinburg chief of police Cesar Torres tells us they found over 4 firearms including drugs and money …

“We have seized over 10,000 dollars in cash we have seized over 36,000 dollars in drugs we have made eight arrests we have conducted four search warrants”

Chief Torres gave us a breakdown of the narcotics they were able to confiscate — over 9 pounds of marijuana, 500 grams of THC cartridges…20 grams of mushrooms …72 grams of Xanax. They also seized THC edibles, THC wax, and codeine phosphates…

“We are going to continue aggressively to combat crime specifically in the area of drugs. Drugs are a very big concern to us because kids today are getting addicted to these drugs”

According to chief Torres, more arrests could be made in connection to this case and would like to inform the community that his department will continue to combat the sales of illegal narcotics.

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