City Preparing in Case a Coronavirus Outbreak Occurs

City Preparing in Case a Coronavirus Outbreak Occurs

According to the CDC, 6 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in San Antonio and are under quarantine. Laredo health officials are now preparing their city in case the virus were to spread. We spoke with health officials as well as school officials, who tell us what they are doing to help protect against the coronavirus.

 The city’s health department and one school district say if an outbreak should occur in our city, they have implemented methods to keep students and the community safe.

The health department says the coronavirus is under investigation and assure the community no cases have been reported in Laredo. But if it were to happen, they have a plan of action. But they say they do have one health concern.

“I’m more concerned with flu when the united states we have 26 million cases of flu compared that to 80,000 in china, worldwide 80 thousand 26 million in just the united states”

Health officials say they are concerned about acute infections and tell us what cases have been confirmed just this year.

“…In Laredo we have confirmed four cases of cough, the most in a single year,mostly of all ages, but mainly in persons not vaccinated, we have confirmed a new case of TB”

To prevent any diseases, health experts remind the community to cover your mouth when you cough, wash hour hands and sanitize your doors and equipment. The Laredo independent school district, says they are in contact with the health department, and their custodial team is taking necessary precautions

   “Everyday, they do their routine cleaning and they do know to disinfect doorknobs, keyboards things that are most likely to be touched by students, we have hand sanitizers in all our classrooms and the cafeteria for students before they eat”

Last semester, LISD vaccinated over 8 thousand students against the flu. For UISD, they say they are taking the same safety steps to keep students healthy.

Tomorrow, Governor Greg Abbott will receive a briefing on coronavirus and will provide an update on the precautionary steps the state is taking if the virus spreads across Texas. 

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