Woman Arrested After Leaving 3 Minors Unsupervised

Woman Arrested After Leaving 3 Minors Unsupervised

Laredo, Texas– Police arrested a young mother after allegedly leaving her children unattended at their home.   According to the police, the woman left her home at about 11:30 p.m. and didn’t return until 5 a.m.

Authorities say they received a call at about 3:48 a.m. Reporting three children were left unsupervised at the 6500 block of Casa Verde road.

“The person who basically gave the information indicated that the parent the person arrested in this case left since 11 p.m. Earlier that evening at about 5 o clock in the morning the mom finally decides to show up”

26-year-old Natalie Joanna Pescador was arrested and charged with abandoning/endangering a child.  She returned after the grandmother of the children contacted her. The relative stated she was unaware the children were left home alone.

“Our understanding is that there was another relative that lived in the same apartment complex so easily the kids could have been left under their care rather than be by themselves”

Police say the children are ages eight, four and three and were asleep inside the residence. They say it’s dangerous to leave children alone adding a tragedy could have happened,  the children’s advocacy center, spoke to our cameras about the situation.

“They decide they want to go outside and you never know who passes by and sees a child outside in the middle of the night, what is going to happen, immediately when somebody sees something like that, call the police”

The police report did not indicate where Pescador was. She remains behind bars at the Webb County jail without a bond.

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