Texas Game Warden Previews Bold New Patrol Vessel

Texas Game Warden Previews Bold New Patrol Vessel

Texas Game Warden previews new patrol vessel
This Vessel will serve an integral role in patrolling both Texas state and federal waters for the law enforcement division of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Texas– The Texas Game Wardens are previewing the new 80′ Patrol Vessel for the Gulf. This amazing new addition to the Texas Game Warden’s arsenal of tools will dramatically improve their ability to keep the Gulf of Mexico safe.

According to a tweet by @TexasGameWarden:

According to the marinelog.com website, the vessel has some truly impressive capabilities:

The 80 foot x 27 foot Captain Murchison is powered by twin CAT C18 ACERT D Engines, with Hamilton Jet HM 521 waterjets and is built to USCG Subchapter T standards.

The Captain Murchison is also the first vessel in North America to feature Hamilton Jet’s innovative Advanced Vessel Control (AVX) system that includes both a station keeping and a JETanchor positioning system.

The state-of-the-art Teknicraft Design hydrofoil-assisted vessel will incorporate innovative design features critical to modern maritime law enforcement.

One revolutionary feature is Teknicraft ’s rapid RHIB launching system. Integrated into the stern of the vessel, it will increase safety and reduce the time and manpower required to deploy the vessels’ rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB). It will allow for deployment and retrieval in under 1 minute.

The RHIB is a 20 ft Willard with a 170 HP Volvo diesel engine, and also features Hamilton Jet Propulsion.

Additional vessel features include a DJI Mavic Drone integrated to the helm displays, as well as a FLIR M400 XR High resolution Thermal Imaging video with tracking to assist with patrol duties in the Gulf of Mexico.


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