Family Seeks Justice in the Heartbreaking Murder of Juan Carlos Olvera

Family Seeks Justice in the Heartbreaking Murder of Juan Carlos Olvera

Starr County– The Olvera family is now asking for justice. They want officials to locate the people responsible for the shooting death of Juan Carlos.

“We want justice we want them to get what the deserve justice needs to be served because this kind of thing… they just don’t happen like that. Especially not without a motive being that supposedly they were friends”

Monica Olvera is the 35-year-old victim’s sister, she drove down from out of town after receiving a call that her brother was murdered…according to the Starr county sheriff’s office, the incident happened Wednesday around 5:30 pm on Loma Blanca road..deputies responded after receiving reports of gunshots and a body lying in the middle of the road..

“I was told that after they did shot my brother they ran over him afterward I’m not sure how true that is”

Officials say a black pickup and a white passenger vehicle was seen leaving the scene at a high rate of speed… in the black pickup — three occupants were identified as witnesses who arrived at the sheriff’s office to provide their statements. The white passenger vehicle was abandoned near the river bank.

“Apparently, the white car took off. I don’t know where exactly they parked, but they did run to Mexico… they crossed the river and they ran to Mexico.”

Juan Carlos leaves behind his wife and four children — his family is urging anyone with information on his death to come forward.

“he was a great father his children loved him so much they were always after him everything he did he did for his kids.   His life was his kids. Right now they are so devastated… I mean it’s so hard they are so small.”

The Olvera family is now asking for monetary donations to help pay for funeral expenses… you can help by calling the Hernandez funeral home in Rio Grande City at 487-2544…

A motive behind the shooting is unknown — county officials tell us the texas rangers will be assisting with the investigation..those with information on the crime can report it anonymously at 487-5571

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