Local Businesses Seek Relief from Tasteless and Disrespectful Advertising Practices

Local Businesses Seek Relief from Tasteless and Disrespectful Advertising Practices

San Benito, Texas– A local funeral home is hoping a city ordinance can be put in place to protect the integrity of small businesses and families return to their services.

Local businesses state they want to find a solution without disrespecting families who are leaving the funeral home in mourning only to see a huge sign with cremation prices from a competing business from a different city.

This is the vehicle parked a block away from Thomae-Garza funeral home advertising services and prices of another business … One employee claims it not only takes up parking but they also find it disrespectful, given the proximity…

 Our moral concern with the families that they kind of feel like it’s disrespectful especially when you’re trying to memorialize someone’s life and they’re exiting the funeral home and you see

According to Thomae -Garza employees have attended city meetings to address the issue in hopes of implementing a similar ordinance to that of Harlingen where any vehicle which carries, conveys, pulls or transports any sign for the primary purpose of advertising is prohibited.

We finally showed up to a meeting with the commissioners and asked if something could be put in place as far as an ordinance.

Some local residents including former clients have taken to social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction with how this Los Fresnos based company handles their advertising…Calling it classless, horrible and disrespectful…

We’ve attempted to reach out to Angel-Lucy’s funeral home and have yet to receive an answer …For now, the San Benito public relations director did inform us that this means of advertising is not illegal and they’re considering implementing an ordinance that would serve as a solution to small business owners…

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