Anti-Bullying Measures Taken by School Making Positive Impact

Anti-Bullying Measures Taken by School Making Positive Impact

Mission, Texas– Martha Gutierrez tells us she is pleased with the changes Mission high school has implemented to educate their students on the dangers of bullying.  

“I feel more confident with all these changes since school officials are now getting involved and acknowledging that bullying is something that exists and it happens  in school the place where we send our children”  

Martha says her son can now walk around campus without fearing for his life…

“He now feels calmer, he isn’t afraid to go to school anymore… I tell him to always be alert but he already feels more comfortable at school”  

This mother told us about the many changes implemented at mission high to combat bullying. Last week, students participated in an anti-bullying class .. School counselors have also created a kindness challenge, and tomorrow during lunch students are going to be asked to join a national bullying pledge to take part in the change.

We reached out to school officials regarding these measures and though they couldn’t speak about it, they did mention the following.

Matters relating to bullying, harassment, and safety are addressed with students throughout the school year. The district encourages anyone who notices bullying or safety issues to report them through their stay alert hotline by calling or texting 1-206-406-65485, online at www.Stayalert.Info, or by email report@stayalert.Info.

The hidalgo county district attorney Ricardo Rodriguez tells us his department has been working with school districts to educate students on the effects of bullying.

“More importantly we are concerned about the consequences  that one can have emotionally, physically mentally, and that’s what we are trying to address how do we help these students”

Anyone found guilty of bullying regardless of age will be arrested, fined and face criminal charges…

Officials encourage anyone that is being a victim of bullying to reach out and report it to their local law enforcement.

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