Married Doctors Seeking Asylum Provide Medical Services to Other Migrants

Married Doctors Seeking Asylum Provide Medical Services to Other Migrants

Matamoros, Mexico– Hundreds of migrants are awaiting their asylum hearings in Matamoros. Among them, two doctors have focused on providing medical help to those in need.

Gynecologist Elizabeth Caballero and her husband Dario Rojas a family doctor living in the migrant camp just feet away from the Rio grande. Both of them fled Cuba and arrived at Matamoros where they have been living for months. They started this journey to flee from prosecution over their political beliefs

We were having a lot of trouble with authorities just because we were expressing ourselves of the reality the Cuban doctors were facing there and we were harassed, Dairo was also hit by an officer…

After arriving at this part of the border, Elizabeth says she was surprised by the work the organization’s global response management conducts. Which was why she and her husband decided to join their efforts in helping the nearly 3,000 migrants living on the Mexican side

This gives us a sort of peace and serenity because we are doing what we love.

Both doctors say that this is an opportunity for them to help out other people who are also undergoing a migratory process. Adding that many of the patients they treat relate to them not only because they speak Spanish, but also because they are facing similar situations.

It feels good because you can treat people in different ways, it could be the medical side of it but also treating other problems like psychological ones. One can guide them as to what they can do in their case, who should they speak to.

On a busy day Dairo and Elizabeth can treat up to 100 patients, a mission they say they will continue to fulfill while they remain in Mexico.

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