Ethics Violation Filed Against City Council Member

Ethics Violation Filed Against City Council Member

Laredo, Texas– Mayor Pete Saenz along with council members Nelly Vielma and George Altgelt filed this ethics report regarding the vote Dr. Marte Martinez made in favor of the city’s group health insurance provider

According to the ethics report, in June, the city was set to choose between Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The report states Martinez is an in-network pain management physician with Blue Cross Blue Shield and voted in favor of this insurance.  It also says Martinez did not disclose he was a provider to blue cross blue shield and stood to gain financially by voting in favor of this contract

This is allegedly a violation of the ethics code that claims an elected official shall not take any action that they know is likely to affect their own economic interests.

We reached out to the mayor Pete Saenz who declined to comment on the matter until it has been resolved, council member Martinez said he was unaware of this report until Monday afternoon. He states he has not received a copy but maintains his conscious is clear.

“Because I know I have done no wrong, I submit myself to the process si find it this is a long line of complaints and a long line of personal attacks to try to discredit the members of district 6”

The next step is for the ethics commission to review this complaint.

We will keep you updated as details develop. 

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