Construction of New Drainage System Announced

Construction of New Drainage System Announced

Hidalgo, County– Representatives of Precinct Four announced the construction of a new drainage system they hope will help lessen possible future floodings.

The project started after the president declared hidalgo county a disaster area due to the 2015 floods…The construction has seen progress for over half a year and was announced in a groundbreaking ceremony… Precinct 4 commissioner Ellie Torres says they received federal funds to help with the programs.

“For future floodings that hopefully that will not occur I don’t want to see it be put to the test anytime soon, but if it does I feel confident that we have come up with a solution.”

The project is being completed in three phases with a total estimated cost of 4.6 million dollars…Once done, it will provide assistance to 13 subdivisions

“At this point, one of the projects is almost done and the other two portions of the project are under construction,”

Local resident Araceli Aleman says the project is something she thinks is necessary in the case of an emergency.

“She says the community is very happy with the work being done because they will no longer have do deal with floods…

Representatives hope to have the drainage improvements finished by June.

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