Last Day of Protests Held Against the Migrant Protection Protocol

Last Day of Protests Held Against the Migrant Protection Protocol

Today is the last day of protest held in the city of Brownsville in hopes of ending the Migrant Protection Protocol program implemented a year ago.

Activists are returning home after protesting for several days in Brownsville against the Migrant Protection Protocol(MPP).

Elisa Costa is a member of the organization ‘Dreams Without Borders’, a group that started in San Antonio. Costa along with other volunteers traveled to Matamoros for the four-day protest called “restore asylum” where in addition to this they took supplies to the almost 3,000 migrants living on the other side of the Gateway international bridge.  

“When I crossed the border yesterday it was the first time I had been here since the implementation of MPP, and it blew my mind I didn’t have words I had never seen such a giant refugee camp in my life”

Members of the organization ‘witness at the border’ have remained in front of this point of entry for 37 days, demonstrating against what they call an inhumane program that forces thousands of migrants to live in Mexico facing safety threats, and deplorable conditions.  

…for them to know that they are not alone and for them to have hope not lose hope because there are so many of us that are fighting here in the united states, trying to help them out and trying to make changes

According to Vazquez, many of these asylum seekers show is up to provisional courts just feet away from the international bridge, where only less than 4% are granted asylum.

Even though many activists are leaving Brownsville, members of the organization witness at the border say they will stay where they are until the MPP program has ended.

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