Apartment Complex has become the Target of Continous Burglaries

Apartment Complex has become the Target of Continous Burglaries

Weslaco, Texas– A new apartment complex seems to be the target of a series of burglaries.

According to authorities… residents have stated that the gated community isn’t as secure as it should be…and some residents have taken measures into their own hands to ensure their safety.

I have cameras that I watch on a daily basis we record and stuff like that and I noticed the two gentlemen in the back.

These images show is two individuals dressed in black and wearing ski masks roaming around the area…

Wasn’t sure what was going on with that situation so I decided to go ahead and record it on my phone, I sent it to my daughter, my husband and then I decided to talk to the people behind me…

There was a car that was in her parking space and then they drove away I didn’t intercounty with them or anything I just recorded the information and then gave it to her…

In the video, you can see a black SUV driving away from the property. We attempted to speak with the neighbor that had been affected but didn’t get an answer…moments later Weslaco PD showed up and confirmed that a string of burglaries has been reported in the area and that they have a warrant out for a suspect.

The identity of the person was not released due to the ongoing investigation…..

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