Alamo Resident Demands More Police Presence After Burglaries

Alamo Resident Demands More Police Presence After Burglaries

Alamo, Texas– A resident is on edge after several burglaries have happened at her home she’s demanding more police presence in her neighborhood.

The alamo resident believes her home was an easy target due to the lack of police presence in her neighborhood. Rosa Cortez says her home has been burglarized on at least three occasions.  The last incident happened earlier this year. She had just returned from a trip to Mexico and realized her home had been broken into. 

“It’s been over a month and police don’t listen to me. There needs to be more surveillance here. I already told them that I have the paper they were asking for that has the information on one of my stolen TVs, but they haven’t bothered to pick it up.”

Rosa is asking for authorities to locate her stolen items and put the burglars in jail. 

“Through here they shouldn’t be out there by the store so they have a camera what are they doing over there they need to pass by the alleys where people are walking by because you can’t make anything outside anymore bbq pit shovel because they’re stealing everything”

We spoke to alamo police who declined to comment on this particular case did provide some tips to prevent burglaries.

“You need to have some type of identification that we can tell who that property belongs to. Photographing your property of value. If you have serial numbers, recording them and having them available so that when we respond we can identify those properties.”

Rosa says she feels unsafe in her own home and will continue to press the authorities to increase patrol in the area.

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