Activists Ask Charro Days to Stop DHS from Participating in Upcoming Festival Parade

Activists Ask Charro Days to Stop DHS from Participating in Upcoming Festival Parade

Brownsville, Texas– An organization is asking charro days fiesta to remove federal agencies from his annual festival events in Brownsville.

We reached out to activists and federal agencies addressing this issue fueling the controversy behind these protests.

The organization ‘Frontera Progressives’ sent a letter to ‘Charro Days’ in an effort to exclude ICE and CBP personnel from participating in this year’s parade. 

These activists have been protesting the federal agencies’ participation in the Charro Day celebration for years. Last week, Frontera Progressive made a formal request to stop DHS officials from engaging in the festival. Stating that these agencies represent the deaths of thousands of people who risked their lives to reach the American dream.

“Border patrol and ICE are kinds of symbols of the very worst practices of the Trump administration, and having them in Charro days parade is like an affront to this community. It’s like a slap in the face.”

Mark Kawskan

We reached out to the Charro days corporation who sent us a press release. It states they have denied the petition to remove CBP and ICE federal agencies from the parades. Adding that throughout the years, local state and national law enforcement agencies have been a part of this event. 

“We’ll be there with our signs. The correct path for us to really oppose the work of federal agency, of government agencies, is through raising our voice.”

Mark Kawskan

A CBP official provided Fox news with a statement in regard to their participation.

“US Customs and Border Protection actively participates in multiple community outreach efforts throughout the year including the Charro days grand parade. Our officers not only work in the local community but also live here, and are a part of this community.”

CBP Statement

Charro day celebrations will take place during the last week of February and activists say they’re ready to protest despite the organizer’s decision.

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