Port Isabel Files Lawsuit to Stop L.N.G. Project

Port Isabel Files Lawsuit to Stop L.N.G. Project

Port Isabel, Texas– City officials have filed a lawsuit in hopes of stopping a project that they believe will have a negative impact on the environment.

the city is asking the court to file a preliminary and permanent injunction towards the Texas L.N.G. project. stating that due to its proximity to the city of Port Isabel and the Laguna Atascosa refuge,  this could have a detrimental impact on the environment including air soil and water quality.

The lawsuit also mentions that chemicals extracted by L.N.G. are known to cause cancer, and once they are exposed to the environment they could be toxic to wildlife in the area

One key factor, in this case, includes the testimony of a certified environmental engineer who says that the application submitted by the L.N.G. company soliciting the permit for the project is not consistent with the texas clean air act.

Activists that have fought for the termination of the L.N.G. project view this lawsuit represents a big victory

I think it is wonderful what port Isabel is doing I do know that port Isabel Laguna vista and South Padre Island city councils are now meeting occasionally to make their opposition noticed by the council

We need to protect and I’m glad they’re stepping in..

We reached out to the director of the navigation district who told us he received the legal notification this morning and will not comment on it until he has reviewed the documents thoroughly.

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