Police Warn Public About Credit Card Fraud

Police Warn Public About Credit Card Fraud

Laredo, Texas– Police are cautioning local businesses to keep an eye on their finances so they don’t fall victim to fraud.

In one case, police say a woman used her employer’s credit card for personal purchases … authorities are warning businesses about this crime and how they can deter credit card fraud..

Laredo police say you can trust your employees, but that doesn’t mean you let your guard down

“trust but verify, that is the best advice we can give a company that has employees making payments on behalf of their company”

Numerous large transactions in a short period of time are considered red flags and should be looked into.

“When they are not being checked regularly or routinely that is when they start falling on the temptations of going into shopping sprees because basically the company isn’t checking me.”

Another type of credit card abuse is when victims leave personal belongings inside their vehicle which can be stolen. Subsequently, stolen credit cards can be used in a fraudulent manner. Police are asking the community to avoid leaving valuables inside their cars and always check their bank statements for suspicious activity.

if you believe you have fallen victim to credit card abuse, contact your local authorities and have your bank statements on hand.

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