Harlingen Police Search for Leads in Fatal Shooting

Harlingen Police Search for Leads in Fatal Shooting

Harlingen, Texas– Officials are now following up on leads that are connected to the fatal shooting.

The incident was reported Thursday at around 10 pm at the 3300 block of Adams landing… upon arrival, officers found a male with a single gunshot wound to the chest.

“At the scene, they located the male subject he was sitting inside his vehicle the male was found to be deceased, emergency care was sent to the scene to verify they did check on him he was later transferred  to a hospital where it was confirmed that he was deceased”

Sergeant Larry Moore tells us neighbors reported the gunshots…

“When the people heard the shots we received those calls so it was within minutes it wasn’t a long period of time before we were on the scene.”

Harlingen  investigators are actively working this case and speaking to any possible witnesses

“Whether they saw anything or heard anything just like with any criminal investigation we will make contact with the people in those neighborhoods”  

A man that lives two houses down from where the shooting took place recalls what happened at the scene..

“I heard a noise I came up to my front window and I saw a truck speeding off, what make or  model, I couldn’t tell you cause it was going pretty fast but it was black”

Residents say they are in disbelief since their neighborhood has always been peaceful.

“Later I asked my neighbor and he’s the one that filled me ion that there was a homicide and I said what the heck”

“Our neighbors came out and were seeing what was going on that somebody got shot it was kinda a little shock to us cause this is the first time”

Officials are now urging anyone with information regarding this case to come forward by calling Harlingen crime stoppers at 425-8477.

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