Proclamation to Raise Awareness on Teen Dating Violence

Proclamation to Raise Awareness on Teen Dating Violence

Webb County and Laredo issued a proclamation to raise awareness on teen dating violence. Both entities united with ‘Casa de Misericordia’ in an effort to prevent it– they say teen violence can affect any gender and how important it is to be aware of red flags.

“Some of the most subtle ones are when they start to isolate you from your friends and family. They want to be with you all the time, they don’t want you to be with other people. they tell you how to do your hair, how to dress or what not to wear”

Experts say ignoring the warning signs can make those engaging in violence escalate their abuse over time.. Teens are also more likely to experience digital dating abuse.

“It’s very easy to get control over a partner using technology and that is through social media… wanting access to your accounts to monitor who you are talking to, who are your friends who you are talking to.”

This is why authorities want to raise awareness on teen dating violence and they are spreading the message against relationship abuse by hosting events throughout the year.

“…and I think the message that we have to send is to give a good example to the youth because they will do what we do so how do we make sure that we are being a good example”

Resources are available — anyone experiencing any kind of abuse can contact the ‘Casa de Misericordia’ hotline at 712-9597.

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