Mission Mother Concerned After Continuing Bullying of Her Son in School

Mission Mother Concerned After Continuing Bullying of Her Son in School

Mission, Texas– A mother says that her son has been a victim of bullying. This is an issue she has brought to the attention of school officials. According to the mission school district administration — they have been working with the parents to address the concerns…

However, Martha Gutierrez tells us her son continues to be bullied…

“I just want this to stop… I don’t know how they go about this…but it needs to come to an end..it’s affecting my son and my family..”

Gutierrez’s son is a sophomore at Mission high… She says the bullying first began in December when her son was walking home from school ….a group of students began to insult him ..he was followed to the Los Ebanos Bridge.

“As he crossed the bridge, one of the students in the group pushed him –causing half of his body to hang off, he held on to part of the structure to keep him from falling..”

Gutierrez says she reported the incident to mission police after her son came home and told her what had happened.

“We pressed charges against the boy, since my son was able to identify him, and after that, the bullying began at school.”

The mother has made several police reports against the students but the bullying still continues… her son doesn’t want to return to school because he fears for his life.

“Until this day… since December until today… they continuously bully him every day. I already lost track of how many times I have spoken to administrators”

Gutierrez adds this has been affecting her son’s life — she would like for schools to do more to help prevent bullying behavior.

“He has changed a lot he stays in his bedroom. He doesn’t want to come out. He doesn’t watch TV. He doesn’t play online. He hardly eats. He doesn’t want to leave our home. It’s affected his attendance at school because he tells me, mom, they are waiting for me…”

in a statement, mission CISD mentioned the safety of their students is their main priority and that school officials take all allegations seriously ..they did not provide details on this specific case but are working with the parents to address their concerns..reporting for fox news south texas daisy Espinoza…

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