Two Human Smuggling Cases Reported

Two Human Smuggling Cases Reported

Laredo, Texas– Local and federal authorities respond to two human smuggling cases. Both cases took place the same day but are not related. In one situation, a joint effort between the Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The first report was on the 400 block of East Price. At the scene, police saw a red truck reversing into the driveway. Police observed Two men loading multiple people into the rear seat of the vehicle.

“In this particular case, when the officers approached the individuals took off running in different directions, everybody was detained except the actual driver of the pickup truck.”

The passenger of the pickup truck was arrested and identified as 17-year-old Daniel Esquivel, who is facing 16 counts of smuggling of persons and two additional charges of smuggling persons under 18 years of age.

“Of the 18, two were underage minors. The nationalities of the people involved varied; they were Dominican, Honduran, and Mexican.”

The investigation in another case began when Laredo police received a call from New Jersey stating that people were being held against their will at a hotel located in the 800 block of Garden Street. The caller reported that they were asked to deposit money to release the migrants.

“They located a family of four on th e12th floor of a local hotel, in speaking to the family four, they said they had been held against their will since January 30, and they had not consumed any food.”

The suspect was located and taken into custody by border patrol. Homeland security is in charge of this case.
If you see any suspicious activity in your neighboorhood, report it to your local authorities or federal agencies.

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