Sentence Reached in Leonel Martinez Adame Intoxication Manslaughter Trial

Sentence Reached in Leonel Martinez Adame Intoxication Manslaughter Trial

Jurors have reached a sentence for Leonel Martinez Adame in connection to the death of Kevin Andrade.

Adame was found guilty of ‘driving while intoxicated’ and ‘accident involving death’. He’s been given a $2,000 fine for the DWI charge and a Seven Year suspended sentence on the second charge. Adame will be on probation for 7 years and may be sent to prison if he commits another crime within that timeframe or in any way violates the terms of his probation. Adame was also facing intoxication manslaughter but was not convicted on that charge.

In court today the mother of the victim took the stand and said she has fallen in a state of depression and anxiety since the death of her son…Kevin Andrade.

His two older brothers also took the stand and described the victim as a very joyful person. They spoke about the moment they learned about Kevin’s accident. At first, they thought it was something minor…and said they never imagined they would witness Kevin in the hospital fighting for his life.

From the defense….Adame’s brother took the stand and described the man as very hardworking, very responsible…With a kind heart….

A friend of Adame’s also spoke and said he was a person that many relied on for good advice and support.

Last to take the stand was…Leonel Martinez Adame himself…He said he is very well aware that he has the possibility of marrying and starting a family….An opportunity Kevin will never be given…

While Adame spoke to the jury he turned and looked at the family of Kevin Andrade and apologized for his actions…

He said he hopes the family has the heart to one day forgive him.

Leonel Martinez Adame was ordered to be released from custody within the next few hours.

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