The Number of DWI Arrests Continues to Decrease

The Number of DWI Arrests Continues to Decrease

Laredo, Texas– Three DWI arrests were made last night, police say they are impressed with these numbers.

Although the numbers are low, police continue to send the message to drink responsibly.

“Now while although the number does seem low it’s still high in the way that they can be prevented, even if it’s one arrest for the night, it’s still one too many of persons intoxicated”

Authorities say arrests made in connection to driving while intoxicated continue to decrease… Last year, police made 588 DWI arrests. In 2018, there were close to 600.

“This slight decrease is significant, it indicates the community of Laredo is paying attention to all educational outlets that are put out by Laredo police to urge citizens to use other methods of transportation if they know they will be drinking”

During Superbowl Sunday, the Webb County district attorney’s office offered free taxi rides as part of their ‘make the right call’ campaign. They say 17 people used the free service. Police remind the community that taking the wheel after consuming alcoholic beverages can lead to serious consequences.

“If someone is arrested for driving while intoxicated, they can have their driver’s license suspended, they have their vehicle towed and they can face up to a ten thousand dollars fine”

Law enforcement agencies tell us will continue to work in other educational campaigns to continue reducing the number of DWI arrests.

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