Police Warning Community About Utility Trailer Thefts

Police Warning Community About Utility Trailer Thefts

The Harlingen police department is now urging the public to be aware of this ongoing criminal activity … Commander John Parish tells us they’re looking for a vehicle of interest….

“I know there have been some other thefts in the area outside the city of Harlingen have heard possible suspect vehicle may be a dark pick up truck things of that nature “

However, officials do not know if all burglaries are connected to the same vehicle …

“It happens very very quickly they can back up to the driveway or into your yard and it could all be gone in a matter of minutes so anything you can do to prevent that theft or slow them down make it a harder target is what we are trying to accomplish “

Parish wants the community to consider these safety tips to help prevent these thefts

Personalize your trailer so that it stands out. Utilize anti-theft devices such as tongue locks, trailer locks, and wheel locks. Use heavy chains to secure the trailer to a fixed object. Park the trailer in a secure area, or place a hard to move an object in front of it. Do not leave valuable items loaded on trailers.

We spoke with several Harlingen residents who tell us how they secure their trailers ….

“We keep them inside gated and we have dogs to alert if there is somebody out there”

“The best thing is to have them behind a locked gate that the best thing and security of course and also buying the locks for the ball hitch those are also helpful”

Harlingen police are now investigating these thefts… If anyone sees suspicious activity in their neighborhood, they are being asked to contact the crime stoppers hotline at 425-8477.

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