Hidalgo County Health Dept. Confirms Zero Cases of Coronovirus in Texas

Hidalgo County Health Dept. Confirms Zero Cases of Coronovirus in Texas

Hidalgo, Texas– Due to recent rumors about possible cases of the new coronavirus. The hidalgo county health department confirms there are no cases in all of Texas and northern Mexico.

According to Eddie Olivarez…The chief administrator of the hidalgo county health and human services department… There are seven types of coronaviruses. The most recent is known as the novel virus…There are only six known cases in the united states.

“There’s been five cases related to travel and had their first case that spread from a person who traveled to china to their spouse.

There have been no fatalities in the U.S. Due to the novel coronavirus…Compared to the flu. Olivarez says that in January alone…Almost 3 thousand people died because of complications with influenza

“In a given year you may have been 25 and 30 thousand people die in the united states from influenza and that’s a preventable illness with a vaccine.”

Olivarez says that it’s important to keep your hands clean. Wash them with soap and water and use a disinfectant that contains alcohol…As well as covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing to avoid any sort of infection from spreading….In regards to novel coronavirus…Only the center for disease control can confirm any new cases.

“So many times there is coronavirus in our area, in fact, we’ve had coronavirus here in hidalgo county but it’s the common cold version.”

Olivarez says there are certain protocols that doctors have to follow when coming across a possible cause of the new coronavirus. First…They must verify if the patient has been in china or came in contact with someone who has visited the country.

Officials recommend seeking medical attention immediately if you have visited China in the past 14 days and are feeling sick……And to let your doctor know about your recent visit to the country.

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