An Extension of the MPP Program is Focusing on Brazilians

An Extension of the MPP Program is Focusing on Brazilians

Brownsville, Texas– A protocol that has migrants waiting on the Mexican side of the water for is there court hearing is not targeting Brazilians seeking asylum. The Department of Homeland Security credits this method in successfully granting family units that help they need, but some advocacy groups have raised their concerns.

This Wednesday, the Trump administration extended the migrant protection protocol for Brazilians, forcing them to remain in Mexico while they wait for their asylum hearings.

This policy, directed toward migrants fleeing from countries like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, is now focused on maintaining people native to brazil in Mexican territory. The department of homeland security says this protocol
Has allowed them to fight a humanitarian crisis in the southern border, stating that in the fiscal year 2017, 94,285 family units were detained upon arriving in the US. 99% of those families still remain on American soil. A success they attribute directly to this method.

Groups that advocate for the termination of this program argue that insisting on migrants to stay in Mexico will increase the number of people living in what they call deplorable conditions.

It just means more people affected by immigration policies that are inhumane and treat people poorly. It’s not safe there’s no running water there’s no water but I think worse of all is that people are not safe they are living in terror

This organization called witness at the border has been on strike for 19 days and says they will stay there until the MPP program comes to an end. Reporting for fox news south texas Camila Pena

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