Alton Police warn community to Beware of phone scams

Alton Police warn community to Beware of phone scams

Alton, Texas– Officials say during tax season they receive a high number of reports from residents who claim that they are getting calls from potential scammers.  

“We do see the influx of this type of calls around tax time, and that’s when people are trying to solicit this type of information”

Jonathan Flores – Alton Police Chief

Alton chief of police Jonathan Flores states department received multiple reports of individuals who say they are getting calls regarding payments that are past due which they must pay off with gift cards purchased at stores like Walmart or CVS.

“What these individuals are doing is calling are calling different people within the community and they are telling them that if they don’t provide their personally identifying information that they’re going to be arrested”

Jonathan Flores – Alton Police Chief

If you get one of these calls, authorities ask that you do not provide them with your personal information and hang up. The IRS, Social Security Administration office or law enforcement agencies will never threaten a person.

“The message that we are sending to the community is don’t give out any personal information to people were claiming that are the IRS or part of another organization that’s trying to solicit this proprietary information from them.”

Jonathan Flores – Alton Police Chief

We spoke to community members who tell us how they protect themselves from telephone scammers.

“If I don’t recognize the caller, I never answer the phone”

Local Resident

Officials are urging residents to report these types of activities by calling their local police department.

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