36 Undocumented Immigrants Found Hidden Inside a Gravel Truck

36 Undocumented Immigrants Found Hidden Inside a Gravel Truck

Laredo, Texas– Police say this incident started with a traffic call in south Laredo and ended with the rescue of 36 undocumented immigrants.

These are the images of the immigrants rescued by Laredo police, the Laredo fire department, and border patrol. Police say the migrants were found hidden inside the gravel truck, separated by a piece of wood covered in dirt.

“These people were covered in dust, dirt were sleeping in gravel, they were very cold, they were freezing”

This investigation began at seven in the morning when a police officer who had just completed his shift found a gravel truck that was disabled by cuatro vientos.

“When officers arrived to basically to deal with the disabled truck, they identified the driver of the truck, he had an outstanding warrant for arrest from out of town for violation for his probation. He was arrested and taken into custody without incident”

The driver was identified as 62-year-old Ruben Plata from Brownsville. A towing service took the gravel truck into a service yard located on the 6100 block of Riverside Drive. Authorities say, shortly after, they received a call reporting there were immigrants inside the truck.

“As soon as they got here, they started knocking in the body of the truck, and sure enough they heard a voice asking for help and they could hear noises inside the truck”

Everyone inside was found in stable condition. Police say Plata never told them there were people aboard the truck when he was arrested.

Ice is now in charge of this investigation. Border patrol has not released the nationalities of the immigrants.

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