Parents Demand Answers from School District After Bus Fails to Drop Off Children

Parents Demand Answers from School District After Bus Fails to Drop Off Children

Edinburg Texas– Parents are demanding answers after a school bus driver failed to drop off their students at their homes. We spoke to parents of the 8 students that were on the bus — they tell us they grew anxious while waiting for their children for over 3 hours.

The incident happened Tuesday, January 28 …Parents say their children were on their way from Harwell Middle School on bus 156 … A mother says she was able to locate her son after receiving a text message with the school bus’ location ..When parents arrived to pick them up — sheriff deputies were already on-site speaking with the driver.

“I just want to clarify all this if they were misbehaving they should be punished but if not I don’t know what was on his mind driving with them for three hours”

A student that was on the bus says they began to worry since the driver never dropped them off at home …

“He was saying that we didn’t tell him our locations but we told him like go right and he kept on ignoring us and he went straight”

This student’s mother says she wants school officials to review the cameras on the bus to see what exactly went on… The school’s district officials released a statement that says

“Edinburg CISD police department investigated the incident. Through a review and investigation, police investigators determined that the bus driver followed all procedures and concluded that reports of students being held captive were unfounded. The students were safe at all times, parents were notified and protocols were followed.

School officials say administration and police will continue to monitor bus routes since the safety of their students is the district’s top priority.

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