Federal Funds Help Fight Human Trafficking in our Area

Federal Funds Help Fight Human Trafficking in our Area

Congressman Henry Cuellar says the money will go towards the crime victims fund as well as to support the president interagency task force to monitor and combat human trafficking

Cuellar says this topic has become critical, adding that its important to shed light in this issue

“Make sure that we do everything we prevent victims before it happens, identify and recover victims, provide coordinated services to help survivors, and take them to justice”

Cuellar says law enforcement agencies can provide statistics of victims that have fallen victims to human trafficking but said each year, thousands are smuggled from different parts of the world

“The state department says that 14 to 17 thousand people are trafficking into several parts of the world into the united states, the average age of a missing child exploited into sex trafficking is 15 years of age”

One organization that raises awareness on the topic is TxDOT, they talk to their employees on how to stay safe and how to recognize red flags

“If you see people not acting independent and there is someone with them, that is the type of activity we have to keep an eye out for”

Remember, if you know of suspicious activity or know of someone who is a victim, you can report it to your local authorities.

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