One Injured, Five Detained After Donna Shooting

One Injured, Five Detained After Donna Shooting

Donna, Texas– Police say a man was shot during an altercation, however, he is now recovering in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The incident was reported this morning around 9 am at the 500 block of south 25th street ….Upon arrival, officers received information that the possible suspect fled the scene north on 25th street in a red pick-up truck..A sergeant observed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on the 2800 block of business 83 – five people were taken into custody.

One of the suspects that was detained had injuries to his face like it was some type of altercation so everyone was detained at that point during our interviews and witnesses and evidence that we had collected we believed that the shooter was in that vehicle.

Among the arrested were also the alleged shooter’s sister, mother, father and a friend.

Captain Rick Suarez told us what may have led to the shooting…

They were possibly going to meet to buy cartridges vaping cartridges we believe according to the info we are receiving the suspects tried to rip him off and there was an altercation and somebody ended up getting shot.

The victim’s neighbor says he found out about the incident when he was heading out to work….

“I saw an ambulance was over there and police over here blocking the roads and till right now I still don’t know what exactly happened here”

Officials say the incident remains under investigation… Based on the information gathered and injures the victim received. The suspected shooter can be facing attempted murder or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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