Fire Department Upgrades Army Truck Used for Rescue Services

Fire Department Upgrades Army Truck Used for Rescue Services

Edinburg, Texas– The fire department has three army trucks that are used…For firefighting and high-water rescue. One of those vehicles received thousands of dollars in upgrades.

Fire chief. Shawn Snider says the army truck was obtained through federal properties and cost around 65 hundred dollars for the city to acquire. It took 15 thousand dollars to make the following upgrades.

“Put a Tommy lift which actually is a rear gate lift that lifts up and down. You can put somebody on a stretcher. You can put somebody on a slope basket. In a wheelchair. Or just people walk on it. And you lift them up and then get in..

According to the chief…The new additions were necessary. Because it will allow rescue teams to get into water that is 40 inches deep..

“Some of the rescues that we’ve had to go do..Have been down very baron roads that have no other way to get in there in case something like this.”

Snider said this is all part of their operations for the city of Edinburg…He adds they do it with the intention of providing great service to the community.

The department hopes the new upgrades will allow the rescue of individuals a lot quicker and more efficient.

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