Commissioners Discuss Placing Lifedowns Project in a Referendum

Commissioners Discuss Placing Lifedowns Project in a Referendum

Laredo, Texas– Webb County commissioners are discussing the possibility of placing the Lifedowns project in a referendum in the November ballot. The commissioners estimate the project will cost 50 million dollars — because of the hefty price, the officials seeking the community’s input.

“We are looking into making a significant investment and we want to make sure we make the right decision so yesterday we discussed if we want to make phase one, do we want to make the whole investment or take it out to the voters and put in in the referendum on what you want from the fairgrounds”

Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez says a great percentage of the voters want the renovations at the lifedowns — it consists of adding several buildings that will attract many events.

“For me, the important building is the multipurpose event arena where you can host rodeos, car clubs, everything, monster trucks”

The project also includes adding barn shows. Commissioner Gonzalez says it is a big project which may be broken down into phases.

The next step is for commissioners to continue talking with their budget officers to determine if they will move forward with placing this in the November ballot.

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