Man Faces Charges after Fleeing Fatal Accident Which took the Life of a 5-Year-Old

Man Faces Charges after Fleeing Fatal Accident Which took the Life of a 5-Year-Old

Harlingen, Texas– A five-year-old girl lost her life this Sunday after being hit by a vehicle. The suspect is now facing charges.

Flowers and balloons have been left on the intersection of Stuart and frontage road. A minor identified as Angelina Huerta, lost her life after she was struck by a gray four-door vehicle. Angelina was accompanied by 20-year-old Leslie Cassie Huerta. Both were transported to the hospital. The 5-year-old succumbed to her injuries while en route while Leslie Cassie Huerta continues recovering.

The incident happened at approximately 9 am on Sunday. The man that was driving the vehicle left the scene and was captured by the Primera police department moments later.

Authorities arrested 42-year-old Jose Ricardo Trujillo in this case.. He is charged with accident involving death, and incident involving serious bodily injury with a total bond set at $350,000.

Robert Garcia who has a support group for people that have lost their loved ones says that in his experience. Fleeing the scene only harms the person that commits the crime.

“Be smart always be aware of your surroundings if something happens whatever it is stay there because it’s going to be worse if you leave the scene of an accident that happened with an auto.”

The family of the minor that was fatally struck, has a gofundme page for funeral expenses. You can visit the page under the name Angelina’s family to make a donation. Authorities tell us this is an ongoing investigation.

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