Community On Edge as Burglaries Increase

Community On Edge as Burglaries Increase

Hidalgo County, Texas– The store owner tells us the burglars took over one thousand dollars from the cash register. The incident was reported Sunday, January 19th around 9 pm at a store called el Queek Queek Corral Store owner, Jesus Rios said two employees were working at the time of the incident.

“They forced them to open the register and then after they started concentrating on the money they ran out of the building”

He says sheriff deputies are now investigating the case but would like more to be done since it has been over a week and he still hasn’t gotten any answers

“We haven’t gotten there looking for any leads we haven’t gotten any response from the sheriff’s department basically nothing has happened “

Several monte alto residents tell us they’re aware of an increase in burglaries in the area…They encourage everyone to report any suspicious activity.

“People need to do their part in locking up everything don’t leave your vehicles unlocked lock your storage rooms tie down whatever you can flatbeds or whatever and call in cause sometimes people know who the thieve is or who the robber is but they are afraid to report it”

“I lock my house my gate and I have my german shepherd in my premises and just try to be aware at all times”

We reached out to authorities who told us they’re investigating these incidents.

If anyone has any information regarding these crimes report it to the hidalgo county sheriffs department at 383-8114.

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