Mother Seeks Justice After Teacher Uses Physical Force on Her 4-Year-Old

Mother Seeks Justice After Teacher Uses Physical Force on Her 4-Year-Old

Pharr, Texas– According to school officials, they are currently investigating the allegations, however, the mother wants the teacher assistant to be arrested.

“I feel they should have fired her right away it shouldn’t even be under investigation we have all the prove….”

Argelia Iniguez’s daughter is in her second year of head start at Raul Longoria elementary..She says she received a phone call on Tuesday, January 21st –it was the school’s principal telling her that she needed to go in and speak to authorities.

“The security guard told me that he witnessed as he was walking into school a little girl crying as he was getting to the restroom he saw the teacher banging her against the wall of the restroom so he went and he reported it to the office”

Iniguez adds her daughter did receive two bruises on her back and is now afraid to return back to school.

“When we got home that day after the accident she told me “Shhh I’m not supposed to remember shhh” who taught her that I dont teach her that”

In a statement, pharr-san juan-alamo isd officials said:

“We received a report that a teacher at an elementary campus allegedly used physical force against a child. The teacher was removed from the school immediately, pending results of the investigation, and all proper agencies were notified. We take all reports seriously, as the safety of our children is our number one priority”

Iniguez is now seeking legal action against the teacher assistant – she has pressed charges and will not give up until she is behind bars for physically assaulting her four-year-old daughter.

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