CDC Warns the Public About the Coronavirus Outbreak

CDC Warns the Public About the Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China…..The CDC recommends avoiding any future travel to that country…The center has also confirmed two cases of the virus in the U.S.

According to specialist Rogelio Rojas…The coronavirus has been in existence for years…The type that was reported in the u.S. Is a new strand…Experts say the nature and behavior of the virus are unknown….It does, however, cause respiratory illness and gastrointestinal complications.

“It is more about making the population alert ..We don’t want to create any panic to the population at all..But they need to be aware.”

Doctor Rojas says the virus is contagious…It’s important to keep your hands clean at all times…Washing with soap for at least two minutes….As well as using hand sanitizer.

“We don’t have a treatment for this condition that is a particular antiviral that has been approved by the fda for the use in coronavirus. Most of the time coronavirus is supportive care.”

According to the doctor, it’s still premature to label out the symptoms. Since there is very little knowledge about the disease….A high fever is common among the cases reported. Over 25 people have died in China due to the virus. But, no deaths have been confirmed in the United States…. Local residents say they will still take their precautions.

“To prevent any contamination….I wash my hands and use a facemask.”

Experts also recommend informing your doctor if you have visited China in the last few months…That way you can be examined and treated by a professional to avoid further contamination.

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