Expanded Trauma Care Availability in Laredo

Expanded Trauma Care Availability in Laredo

Laredo, Texas– Health experts along with US congressman Henry Cuellar announced an agreement that will expand trauma care in the area.

This partnership is between the US Army Laredo Medical Center and Doctors Hospital. According to this agreement, this care will expand to Webb, Zapata and other surrounding counties. About 20 doctors will come to Laredo to offer their services. The representative says these help experts will be coming to Laredo every 3 months to work with local doctors.

“Laredo’s a level three… San Antonio’s a level one. Eventually, we want to get to that, so if there is a gunshot situation critical car accident. We have to fly them to San Antonio.”

US Congressman Henry Cuellar

Cuellar added that with this new agreement, it will also boost the economy, as these experts will be staying at local hotels and visiting businesses during their stay.

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