Students Create Anti-Bullying Campaign after Incident goes Viral

Students Create Anti-Bullying Campaign after Incident goes Viral

Hidalgo, Texas– A video of a bullying incident in Hidalgo High School went viral on social media last week the victim and his defender are now joined forces to launch an anti-bullying campaign.

After the incident —  Sebastian Rodriguez and Yago Palacios got together to encourage others to stand up against bullies

“It was a terrible moment to have in school because it’s not a good thing about bullying people should defend themselves from the bullies”

Sebastian Rodriguez was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, last Thursday he was assaulted by another student in the classroom.. The entire altercation was captured on video — a student verbally attacks Sebastian shortly after hitting him on the face.

“He punched me and then suddenly I got defended by my friend that was the only one that stood up not like the other ones that were just looking”

Yago Palacios realized Sebastian was being attacked and decided to defend Sebastian. Yago tells us he decided to step in since his parents have always taught him to help others.

“Cause my parents always taught me to respect other kids help kids”

After the video went viral on social media Yago and Sebastian started receiving a lot of support from the community… That is why they decided to join forces to prevent bullying..

“After the incident, I and Sebastion got together to start this campaign anti-bullying”  

Sebastian and yago are now encouraging others going through the same situation to stand up against their bully and report the incident to officials.

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