Police Reveal Details in Officer-involved Shooting

Police Reveal Details in Officer-involved Shooting

Laredo, Texas– Police say 28-year-old Carlos Amador pointed the weapon at the officers, forcing authorities to discharge their weapons in self-defense.

According to LPD, the woman involved in the incident called the non-emergency number and stated she needed assistance because Amador was not allowing her to leave. When officers arrived, they spoke with the woman who was outside the home. Amador was inside the residence

“He exited the home with a gun pointed to his head, the officers seeing this, immediately gave him commands to drop the weapon in an effort to have him surrender peacefully, but regrettably that is not the option he chose”

Authorities say that’s when the suspect decided to point his weapon at the two officers.

“The officers, in fear of their life, they went ahead and discharged their firearms and them wounded Mr. Amador. In total, the preliminary investigation states between the two officers, they discharged their weapons, it was a total of ten times, they only hit the suspect once”

They have been identified as patrol officer Jorge Salazar Jr, who has been with Laredo police for 15 years and patrol officer Benjamin Salinas, with two years of experience. They tell us what type of weapon Amador was carrying.

“Mr. Amador was in possession of a BB gun. The BB gun is an exact replica of a gun, it has no markings or sketchings if you take the actual weapon and a BB gun you have a hard time distinguishing which one is which”

Laredo police have confirmed the death of 28-year-old Carlos Manuel Amador.

He had been in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. The officer-involved shooting took place on Sunday when police responded to a domestic dispute.

Authorities continue investigating this case..

We will keep you updated.

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