Delta Region Residents CONCERNED Regarding EMS Availability

Delta Region Residents CONCERNED Regarding EMS Availability

Elsa, Texas– In case of a medical emergency, about 5 cities that form the delta region are currently counting on one ambulance.
It’s not the first time that the city of Elsa and surrounding communities find themselves without an ems company and residents are voicing their concerns.

“Up until today that I was informed that if I had an emergency that somebody was gonna come right away… And to find out that they’re gonna come from Mercedes it is alarming it’s very alarming I need to find out what and I wanna know why, why…

Fox news south texas spoke with the director of the emergency services board Marco Romero who says they are currently in a bidding process for a private company that would be willing to cover this region…A process that can take up to two weeks, however, Edcouch city manager stated service to its residents has gone uninterrupted.

To reiterate and assure our communities that the city has always will always those types of services because we have our sister cities we have Mercedes a few miles away we have Weslaco a few miles away who both have emergency services…

According to Dela Cruz, the Mercedes service unit took control last night and will temporarily move into designated areas in Edcouch…City officials expect this will make a huge difference in regards to emergency response times…

The ESD board director did mention that there are several factors as to why a privatized ems company is difficult to maintain, such as a low number of emergency calls and fewer city resources.

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