CBP Arrest Man Wanted in Fort Worth Homicide

CBP Arrest Man Wanted in Fort Worth Homicide

Laredo, Texas– According to customs and border protection, the man was arrested when he tried crossing through the Juarez-Lincoln international bridge.

The federal agency says 22-year-old Diego Arias tried to cross into the U.S. On Sunday…But was detained by CBP officers at the Laredo port of entry.

“The man had a warrant for homicide out of forth worth texas, the man was identified by CBP officers and taken to the Webb county jail”

Arias was identified through the national crime information center — a centralized automated database designed to share information among law enforcement agencies. This system includes outstanding warrants for a wide range of criminal charges.

“The NCIC, which was approved by CBP officers with this system, we have made arrests for other charges, such as murder rape and other criminal charges”

CBP says this is one of many systems they have in place to keep crime out of the city — such as the biometric facial comparison technology in which a traveler has their photo taken and compared to their documents for validity. The federal agency says this process has helped them detain imposters who attempted to cross the southwest border using another person’s passport or visa.

CBP says they continue to work with other law enforcement agencies to keep our border safe.

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