Woman Facing Murder Charges after Shooting an Alleged Thief  

Woman Facing Murder Charges after Shooting an Alleged Thief 

Weslaco, Texas– A homeowner is now facing murder charges after shooting a man she claims was burglarizing her home.  Police investigated and did not find any evidence of a burglary taking place.

The homeowner was identified as Emma Gracia. She’s being accused of shooting a man that was allegedly stealing from her home. 

Gracia was charged with first-degree murder, her bond was set at 1 million dollars. Incident was reported on Saturday, January 18th around 7:30 a.m.  Sheriff deputies responded to a call of burglary of habitation at a home located on the 1300 block of 25th street in Weslaco.  Authorities say Gracia placed the call.  

“…who claimed to have shot a man she knows as Eduardo Mendoza with a 22 caliber rifle because he and another man by the name of Gerardo Gonzalez were arguing with her boyfriend, Michael Luna”

Eddie Guerra – Hidalgo County Sheriff

During the call, Gracia provided authorities with the suspect’s names and the vehicle description.  Officials were able to locate Gonzales and Mendoza on Airport drive. During the traffic stop, authorities noticed Mendoza was shot. He was transported to Knapp Medical center where he later died.  

“With additional eyewitness statements, investigators were able to confirm that an argument did occur between the parties involved. However, Mendoza never presented a clear threat of serious bodily injury to either party nor did he possess any weapons when he was shot.”

Eddie Guerra – Hidalgo County Sheriff

Sheriff Guerra says Gonzales provided a voluntary statement where he confirmed that they went to this house to purchase drugs. He was charged with trespassing for this incident. 

We spoke to nearby residents who say they are afraid to step out of their homes. They claim shootings happen often in that area.

“You call and they say. ‘Oh, Again… another shooting’  They don’t take it seriously until somebody dies which is very very unfortunate.”

Weslaco resident

Gracia now behind bars at the Hidalgo County Jail. Officials say this incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information on this case is being asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 383-8114.

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