Police Investigate Officer-involved Shooting

Police Investigate Officer-involved Shooting

Laredo, Texas– The incident was reported early Sunday at about two in the morning, the police report indicates officers were called for a domestic disturbance

When police arrived at the 4500 block of la Joya lane, they say they encountered a male suspect armed with a handgun.

“The officers tried to deescalate the situation trying to get him to surrender and drop the weapon, regrettably, that is not what happened, instead this individual who is identified as a 27-year-old male raised his weapon to the two officers responding to the call”

The police report indicates the two officers discharged their weapon, striking the suspect. According to the preliminary report by the Laredo fire department, he received a gunshot wound to the head. We spoke to the suspect’s mother, who identified him as 28-year-old Carlos Manuel Amador. She says he was working to get his life together and support his family. Fox news south texas went to the house and tried talking to Amador’s wife, who declined to speak on camera. Her mother states Amador and her daughter had an argument and the police were called to prevent Amador from leaving the residence as he had been consuming alcoholic beverages. She says Amador was a good father and not violent towards her daughter, adding that Amador had a bb gun and did not point it in the officers’ direction.

Police say they continue to investigate this case

“The officers were placed on administrative reassignment pending the outcome of the criminal and internal investigation, once those findings are finished, they will be turned over to make sure the officers were in compliance on the use of force”

The mother of Amador states he remains in critical condition in the hospital, police say they will release more information once it becomes available.

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