Controversial Project in Weslaco Causes Residents to Question Costs

Controversial Project in Weslaco Causes Residents to Question Costs

Weslaco, Texas– An underpass has undergone a beautification effort featuring multi-colored led lights with a hefty price tag,

The underpass located on texas blvd and expressway 83 the multicolored led lights courtesy of the economic development board and not the city of Weslaco… According to city officials, the amount of this beautification effort was $150,000.

A cost that was utilized from a sales tax… A separate fund designated for these types of projects that the city did not pay for.

Fox News South Texas spoke with city officials and they explained that drainage, roadway, and other construction projects are still ongoing and underway and that the cost of the lights would not affect funds allocated to public works.

Local residents commented that while the lights are nice, priority should be given to other significant areas crucial to the well being of all residents.

“It’s really good what they did with the lights, they look really nice, but we want the city to do more for our roads and streets here in Weslaco. Because our cars take a toll with all the potholes and we would like that to be more of their focus…Investing in improving our streets.”

Ramirez added he’s been back from Michigan for the past three years and that during that timeframe he has seen little to no improvement.

We spoke with a city commissioner who explained that they want the community to know that all public works projects are underway.

The drainage advisory committee will be meeting on January 30th.

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