Code Enforcement Launches Operation “Clean Up” Campaign

Code Enforcement Launches Operation “Clean Up” Campaign

Laredo, Texas– City officials inspected every home within district 8 to address property maintenance and code violations.

If you saw notice on your fence – no need to panic— it’s just a notice about operation cleanup.

“Knocking on doors and advising property owners about code ordinance and we are advising them on code ordinance violations and what their violation is”

City inspectors visited the area of San Dario Avenue, st peter’s plaza and houses in downtown Laredo. They say residents frequently fail to address the following issues…

” We see basically abandoned vehicles, abandoned homes, high weeds, and other nuisances”

The city of Laredo is offering an opportunity for property owners to clean up their area. On January 22, the solid waste department will be passing once by each street to pick up unwanted items. Officials ask community members to have their trash out on the sidewalk by seven in the morning. Remember, you may not dispose of oil, cement or paint… You are also being asked to avoid piling unwanted accumulation by the water meters or mailboxes.

“If you have refrigerators, if you have sofas, the mattress that you want to get rid of, this is the opportunity for these two areas to take advantage of it”

The pickup will be taking place Wednesday, January 22nd.

For more information, you may call 795-2681.

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