LISD Working to Reduce the Number of Conduct Violations Among Students

LISD Working to Reduce the Number of Conduct Violations Among Students

The Laredo independent school district is working to reduce the number of cases involving breaking the student code of conduct.

“Out of our nine secondary campuses, we had three that decreased the number of incidents, and six that increased. But overall, within our secondary campuses, we had a decrease of 15 incidents within the third six weeks”

LISD explains what these incidents mean.

“Incidents include fights, assaults, anything within the 21 code of conduct and that is classroom disruption, dress code violation, insubordination within the classroom”

But LISD has implemented a program to help reduce the number of disciplinary disruptions by implementing the positive behavior intervention and support plan of action.

“Basically what PBIS is is to change the culture within the school and each school has their own culture of what they are focusing on when it comes to behavior, we are trying to promote positive behavior and how to behave in a positive way”

The district will reward students for good behavior by giving them prizes such as snacks or other school supplies….In order to continue reducing these cases, they need the help of parents.

“We would like their cooperation and collaboration in making sure they are sending their children to school ready and prepared and be ready to learn and talk to them about behaving in class”

LISD officials say that if a student breaks the student code of conduct, they will face consequences based on this manual.

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