Police Investigate Home Burglary in Alamo

Police Investigate Home Burglary in Alamo

Alamo, Texas– Rosa Cortez arrived home on Friday after visiting her parents in Mexico. When she opened the door to her home she immediately noticed that someone had broken in.

“When I got here I opened the door and I noticed that the tv was missing so I told myself something is going on then I noticed that everything was disorganized so that’s when I reported it to police”

Cortez says officials told her the thieves got into her home through her kitchen window. You can see the burglar bars were damaged – creating an opening.

You could see how the burglars were searching through all of her belongings looking for things to take…Cortez says a few months ago someone also broke into her home while she was sleeping.

“He broke the lock to my back door so I yelled at him like if I had no fear and he took off running through the back and when officials got here they weren’t able to catch him”

Cortez claims this is the third time she has become a victim of theft.

“There have been several times that I have made reports, last time they stole my air conditioning units and they never found the ones responsible, they also took a stereo that was worth around 1,500 dollars, so I’m just here, basically working for the people that steal “

Cortez now lives in fear since she has been targeted by thieves more than once, and would like officials to increase patrol in her neighborhood.

If anyone has information regarding the individuals responsible for committing this crime contact the Alamo police department at 787-1454

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