Head Start Program for Hidalgo County Children has received Federal Funding

Head Start Program for Hidalgo County Children has received Federal Funding

These funds will be used for the headstart program, benefiting nearly 4,000 students in hidalgo county.

Every morning Janie Ruvalcaba takes both of her three-year-old children to Head Start in Edinburg

They had a hard time learning how to speak and now that they’ve been in the program for half a year I have noticed they talk more easily

Nearly 14 million dollars will be invested in ten school districts, including Edinburg, McAllen, mission and la Joya, this grant will go toward improving the education, health and nutritional aspects of the different campuses. Hundreds of these students between the age of 3 to 5 years old will be impacted by these funds, among them Janie’s kids.

I have noticed my children have learned a lot of things that at home I might have not been able to teach them. So I think with these funds they are giving more money for teachers, and school supplies and everything so that they can learn better.

The assistant program director of this program says this money will allow for families with low income to give their kids access to early education.

This grant will allow us to continue those services to students of 3 and 4 years old of the lowest-income families. To allow at least 3 individuals in our classrooms making our group settings very small.

Mrs. Silva says that they are still accepting applications for this school year and are hoping to recruit more students for next year

If you wish to find out if your kids could qualify to be a part of this program, you can contact the hidalgo county head start at 956 3830706, reporting for fox news south texas Camila Pena

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