Gov. Abbott Announces that Texas will Not Be Accepting Refugees

Gov. Abbott Announces that Texas will Not Be Accepting Refugees

Governor Abbott said that over the last decade, Texas has resettled more refugees than any other state – that’s nearly 10 percent of all refugees settled in the U.S.

Texas is the first state to decline refugee resettlement – allowed under a new rule created by the Trump administration. Abbott says that accepting all those refugees through the years has left the state to deal with migration issues stemming from a broken federal immigration system. In May 2019, over 100 thousand immigrants were apprehended crossing the state’s southern border. In June individuals from 52 different countries were also apprehended. And, in the 2018 fiscal year, Abbott said, apprehensions included people from China, Iran, Kenya, Russia, and tonga…Some local leaders do not agree with the governor… Sister Norma Pimentel says he should reconsider his decision to bar refugees.

“We have already accepted them as refugees and yet our governor is saying no I think he must reconsider because they are no threat to us they are somebody who really wants to contribute in a peaceful way to our country”

Immigration attorney Alex Trevino says that any state considering to reject refugees should consider their constituents votes on the matter.

“I believe that the governors should not use a laterally decided for the state and that they should have an opportunity to at the minimum have the peoples voices be heard through their legislatures”

Though an executive order allows state governments to chose whether or not to reject refugees, non-profit organizations across the country are taking legal actions against this measure.

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